Hi, I'm AManda Brite, and this is my personal website.

I believe that everyone has (or SHOULD have) the right to be completely open, regardless of how they might be judged.  If we were, maybe we would be judged less, because people would realize how impermanent all our thoughts and feeling are.  Let me explain what I mean:

Sometimes, you feel angry.  You're in a state of mind where ripping up a pillow or screaming your opinion would bring you the biggest relief.  Usually, if you do this, the person reacting will call you "an angry PERSON."  Sometimes, you feel sad.  You're in a state of mind where everything looks thematically bleak, and your opinions are skewed.  So when you share them, people might be tempted to call you a "pessimistic PERSON".  But the truth is, you aren't pessimistic; you had a negative THOUGHT.  You aren't an entire asshole; you had an angry THOUGHT.  Even people who are labeled optimistic are usually just expressing a singular positive thought.

So I think it would be healthier to view each other as, simply, people.  I am a person who happens to feel sad right now.  You are a person who happens to feel cold in this room.

If we look at people that way, they will feel more free to express those temporary feelings.  When those feelings are expressed, the person can be relieved of them.  This will, in turn, prove that the feeling was not indicative of their entire personality.  And thus, we can accept each other more easily.  It will be like a vicious cycle (but positive, like a...peaceful cycle).

So, in concordance with that belief, I'm using this website to express myself, as a catalyst for personal growth.  Once I express an idea, it can leave my head and make room for the next one.  You'll get to witness my progress in areas like mental health and my career.  On the JOURNAL page, there will be actual journal entries, in both verbal and auditory forms.  On the FOOTAGE page, you'll find unofficial videos- alternate music videos, honest vlogs, and stories that are best told visually.  On the EXTERNAL page, you'll see what I'm working on...OUTSIDE my head.  On this page will be song demos, descriptions of live shows, records, or any other projects I may be working on in the outside world.

If you want to contact me (and it can be for purely professional reasons- like wanting to use me for session vocals or to score your film or sell you a beat- or it can be a personal message), fill out the form on the CONTACT page.  I hope you enjoy this site, and that it may inspire you to accept yourself, accept others, act more and think less, or even act less and think more.  Either way, thanks for your time, and for joining me on this part of my journey.

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