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Things I'm working on...

OUTSIDE my head.



Named after a bracelet I got on vacation as a 13-year-old, "Yellowflower" is meant to express my thoughts and feelings as they are and were; including fictional songs about the characters from my stories as well as contemporary practices in articulation like these...



In 2017, I released an EP called "Intiacy Issues", on which the second track is called "If/Then".  Last month, I went into the recording session file and re-edited the instruments in a different way.  I'm still putting lyrics over it, and the edit is not totally finished.  There's also no working title, but the song is about improving communication between people, just like a lot of "Yellowflower".

If Then ReCut Master_4.mp3


This is the first version (demo instruments and singing without effects/at a low volume) of "Getting Closer".  "Getting Closer" is about two things: 1) Commentary on my own mental habits, tieing a lot of things back to one topic and 2) The power to improve on personal relationships by working on your own side of things first and foremost-- maybe by improving your articulation skills.

Getting Closer Version 1.mp3

This is a rough idea called "Backwards", from December of 2018.  It's about working to adapt to the culture around me, only to find out that it has shaped to my old ways of thinking, and being pissed about it.

Bakcwards rough draft.mp3

This is an alternate version of "Tied to Pride", (the former title track).  It's about realizing how strong my opinions can be, and learning to get out of my head so that I may take more action in life, and show others more respect on a regular basis.

Tied to Pride remix 1QM.mp3

This is the rough version of "Counterweight".

Counterweight 2_2.mp3

This is the first trial mix of the song, "Counterweight", including the gang vocals.

Counterweight mix 1.mp3

My new song, "Bouncing off the Walls", is about maintaining a peaceful attitude when everyone around you is contributing to chaos.  This is the first, rough, vocal demo of it.

Bouncing off the Walls- Vox Demo- Draft 1.mp3

My Time with Mixcraft 7 (tm)

Mixcraft is a recording software that I use on my laptop.  Lately, I've been making music with the MIDI sounds available on my version of it, Mixcraft 7.  They've been sounding better and better, prior to mixing, because I'm learning how to combine sounds that are a good frequency range for each other- meaning nothing overlaps too much and all the instruments come out sounding clear.  I'm happy with this progress, so I'm going to share these new beats here on Britefog.  Some of these songs aren't necessarily going on Yellowflower, but I like how they sound anyway, so I'm giving them their own section on the page.  The colors refer to Mixcraft 7's logo.

All works on this partial page are incomplete, lacking vocals, any mixing or mastering, or in some cases final song structure.  They're just ideas.

Without a structure, this song reminds me of house music, with a jungley type of feel.  So I call it Worldly Beat.  It's a bunch of ideas, one after the other...and it's world-layyyyy.

Worldlay Beat Version 0.5.mp3

Called "Plane and Simple", this beat is inspired by travel and the lyrics (which are missing) are about wanting to be there for a friend, making their life...more simple.  So there you go.  It's the happiest thing I've made in a while so that's why I like it so much.

Plane and Simple- First Synth Solo Ever.mp3

Plane and Simple- First Synth Solo Ever (version 2).mp3

I experimented with a couple of structures for this song, so I could finish writing it.  This is my second attempt.  I wrote lyrics to it, about people with a Leo zodiac.  Those lyrics aren't here right now.  And the beat is only about 2 minutes and 40 seconds long.  The rest is just a bank of sections I didn't use for this version.  Enjoy. 

Worldlay Beat Structure 2- Leo Song.mp3

This is the first, unmixed instrumental for "Bouncing off the Walls".  A further demo of it can be found in the Yellowflower section of the page.

Bouncing off the Walls Daft 1- instru - Copy.mp3


Recently I sampled Alyxx's song "This War" (link here: and made a beat, which I call "Bandito".  It's not mixed, so here it is on Britefog as a sample work.

Years ago, I made a slower version of Christina Aguilera's "Come on Over" and combined it with Mandee Moore's "Walk me Home".  I just liked those two songs at the moment.  (I included exact adlibs and everything.)

Come On Over And Walk Me Home Demo for Em-oh.mp3

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