Xander Marx, Jonathan Pinon and I working on 'The Prophecy' at the end of a song from his new album "Dragonheart".




This is a freestyle called "Stop Quoting Me!"  It's about feeling manipulated when someone just repeats things back to you.  Might not use it for an album, but I am proud of the beat.  Hope you like it.



A few years ago, I went to see the Christmas Tree in New York with my friend Allen KV. We filmed it on my GoPro. Made an arbitrary video to my "Feelin' Feels" demo at the time; it was a practice in making random clips into a story. Hope you enjoy it.


Clips of me talking to a camera, over months of mental training.  I'd been working on my memory, interactive/communication skills, and feelings of connection to other people.  As my kindness and realism grow, the way I talk to the camera changes.  The last clip was from about a year ago.  Sequel might come soon, to show my current status.

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